Manabeshima is an island about an hour away from Kasaoka city by ferry. The island`s claim to fame is its feline residents that outnumber 300 people living on the island. The cats can be found all over the island but they are particularly fond of the harbor as they can beg for fish from kind fishermen. The island became famous when the french artist, Florent Chavouet published a humorous illustration book about the picturesque island featuring the cat overlords and their subservient humans. You can also enjoy walking around a peaceful old fishing village that is a rare sight even for Japanese people.

How to Get There

From the port of Kasaoka, (not far from Kasaoka station) take a ferry to Manabe Island. Regular service takes 1 hour and 15 minutes and costs 1,040 yen one way. Express service takes 45 minutes and costs 1,790 yen.