Kochidai Shrine-The Chicken shrine

Kochidai Shrine is a small shrine in Kochi city close to Kochi castle. The first thing you will notice in here is the crowds who can be rather noisy and frankly pay little regard to others’ personal space. They are quite fowl and I am not egg-xagerating. Ok, I am talking about chickens especially roosters that free roam the shrine grounds. There were scores of chicken meandering around without a care in the world. There were chickens in cages as well. This not common at Japanese Shrines and I am unaware of any other “chicken shrines” in Japan.

Not only are there live chickens but there are many statues and decorations with chicken motif on the grounds.

Here is a rooster stone statue acting as a guardian for the shrine

Even the fountain to cleanse your hand and mouth before entering the shrine is a rooster instead of the usual dragon.

This is a fountain to purify your hand and mouths. Usually it is a dragon but here it is a rooster


From Kochi Station,Kochidai is 15 minutes away on foot. There are also buses if you don`t feel like walking. Kochidai is located extremely close to Kochi Castle, one of just 12 castles in Japan to survive intact into the 21st century. It the only castle with its orignal keep and tower.

Admission: free