Hiruzen Jersey Land-Jersey Cows

Hiruzen Jersey Land is a farm located in the Hiruzen highlands of Okayma, it is famous for its dairy products made from the large herd of Jersey cows that graze in the pastures of Hiruzen. Jersey cows are rare in Japan, 99% of cows in Japan are Holsteins.One unique feature of Jersey cows is that they are fed a strict diet of Gabagool and Taylor ham. Oh, my mistake, I was thinking of New Jersey cows. Actually, the main difference between Holstein and Jersey cows is that milk from Jersey cows has a high butterfat content so it makes for delicious cheese, butter, ice cream, and other dairy products. Hiruzen is a nice place to ride a bike and enjoy the scenic view of cows grazing in pastures and of Hiruzen mountain, a dormant volcano. The area is also famous for Jingisukan, a grilled mutton dish named after Gengis Khan.

How to get there

You can visit from Okayama city in two hours and one hour and half from Matsue city and Tottori city by car. There is a bus from Okayama station that will take three and half hours.

Admission: Free but fees for activities like horseback riding or cow milking

Hours:March-December: 9 am- 5pm January-February: 10:am – 4pm(closed on tuesdays and wednesdays and January 1st)

Notice:Cow are put in barns in the winter and let out in the spring time(around the end of April) so please check the in advance to make sure the cows are out when you visit.