Firefly Museum of Toyata Town-Genji Fireflies

Firefies(Hotaru)-Toyota Town and Yamaguchi city

Yamaguchi in general is famous for fireflies. This was surprising for me because I thought Owl city was the most famous place for Fireflies.But in all seriousness, the prefecture is well known throughout Japan for it`s Bioluminescent bugs. When my fiancé was working in Yamaguchi a middle-aged co-worker hit on her by asking her to go see fireflies with him. I laughed when she told me because it was such a bizarre way to ask someone out. I still to this day, will imitate him and ask her to go see fireflies to make her laugh. In Yamaguchi, there is a species of firefly called Genji Fireflies(Genjibotaru), they are only found in Japan, and going to see them is a common summertime event. You can see them in June. In Toyota town, you can take a scenic boat ride down a river while fireflies illuminate the night sky. In Toyota, there is also a Firefly museum which has different exhibits on fireflies that will surely interest your children. It has extended hours in June so you can observe fireflies in their garden. The town also holds a festival dedicated to these special bugs sometime in June every year.


Toyota town can be accessed train and bus in one hour from Shimonoseki station. It takes the same amount of time by car. Toyaya town is a one hour drive/ three hour train and bus ride from Yamaguchi city.

Admission:Adults- 200 yen Children-free

Hours:9 am to 5 pm( It is open until 8pm in June so you can see Fireflies outside)

Closed on Mondays and December 28th-January 4th