Traditonal Japanese Beekeeping

There has been beekeeping in Japan for over a 1000 years. The honey of the Japanese honey bee is harvested by capturing wild swarms and housing them in a constructed log or pile box hive. Japanese honey bees produce less honey than Western honey bees but they make up for it in by being expert pollinators and by being more hardy towards diseases, the cold, and predators.

The Wild Elk of Benezette,Pennsylania

Male Elk in a field

Pennsylvania is home to the largest elk population in the North Eastern United States. There are about 1,350 Elk with the majority of them living in Elk county, named for the Eastern Elk that once lived there. Benezette is a small town in Elk County and the go-to designation for those that want to see the Elk. There are many viewing spots and the Elk country visitor center.

The Not So Wild Bison of Pennsylania-South Park Game Preserve

 The South Park Game Preserve is home to around a dozen Bison fenced-in for both their and our protection. Bison have been raised in this Pittsburgh suburb for 100 years. It is a popular sight for leisure, as Bision are an exotic sight in Pennsylvania.

Best National Animals:Bird Edition

Over 100 countries have a national bird and many of these countries' sole national animals are avian. Birds are behind mammals as the second most popular national animal of choice. Here are the seven best national birds.Here are the three critieria I kept in mind when selecting these seven national birds; 1)good symbol of their country 2)uniqueness, and 3) have important cultural significance.

The Ten Best National Animals:Mammals Edition

There are some countries that have truly remarkable national animals. Not only are these national animals unique but the fact that these specific animals were chosen tells us a lot about their countries` history,raises awareness of endangered species, and shows what traits are most valued in their nation.

Kochi Prefecture, the Chicken Kingdom

Kochi prefecture is located on the island of Shikoku and is known for many things such as its friendly locals, Sake, and Kastuo Tatataki(lightly broiled Skipjack Tuna). From the title, you shouldn`t be surprised to hear me say it is also famous for its breeds of chickens. There are 38 heritage breeds chickens in Japan and 8 of them come from Kochi Prefecture. Kochi not only has a large number of varieties but they are unique in their abilities, appearance, and even taste.