Cafe Neu-Ethical Cat Cafe

Most of us adore cats, I mean what’s not to love about their mischievous and independent personalities. So I was thrilled when I first heard about cat cafes in Japan, being in a room filled with cats, sounds like heaven on earth. But unfortunately, I come to understand the flaw in animal cafes, chiefly the animals being treated as a commodity even under the best conditions. In the worst cases, the animals are sickly or even die from stress or disease due to poor care by the establishment. That is why I like Cafe Neu as a better alternative to a traditionally cat cafĂ© as their core interest is in the welfare of cats and finding good homes from them. The majority of cats are there are up for adoption which may not be an option for most travelers but you can still help by playing with them to keep them socialized and by paying the admission fee you are helping with upkeep and Cafe Neu`s rescue and adoption efforts. This is a cat cafe that puts the animals first and isn’t just about pure profit. If you wanted to visit a cat cafe but were concerned about the well-being of the animals, Cafe Neu would be a good choice.

Separate from the cat room, you enjoy a nice vegan meal further showcases the cafe`s approach to a cat cafe. There are healthy and vegan friendly desserts, dishes, and drinks . You can get a 500 yen discount if you use the cat room and get a meal. There are English menus available.