Best Friends Animal Sanctuary -Rescued Animals

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah is home to 1,600 hundred rescued animals making it the largest animal sanctuary for homeless animals in the US. This is a haven for animal lovers and those that want to volunteer with animals.The sanctuary has 3,700 acres and leases 33,000 acres from the US government. The sanctuary is on a mission to end kill shelters and saving as many animals as they can from euthanasia and neglect. From dogs and cats to barnyard animals, it is a haven for those without a home. This is a place for animals that have been hurt or neglected to heal and find happiness. Once these animals recover, they can find their forever homes or for those that can be rehomed, they can out the rest of their lives in peace. It is divided into the following lovingly designed Animals areas.


Cat World

Horse Haven

Marshall’s Piggy Paradise

Bunny House

Parrot Garden

Wild Friends

The sanctuary is very visitor-friendly and welcomes them all year round. Visitors are important as they raise awareness for the plight of homeless animals, provided funds for the Sanctuary, and act as volunteers. There are a variety of free tours available for each of the areas such as Cat World walking tour, Pig and goat walking tour, Wild Friend walking tour, and many more. Tours must be booked in advance. Unfortunately because of Corona, as of now, there is no interaction allowed with the animals. But you will get a guided tour and indepth tour(about 1 hour) where you can get see the animals areas and the animals themself.

Volunteers care for the animals to make them as happy as possible until a home can be found for them. If you would like to visit, please consider volunteering and giving these animals the love and attention that they likely were deprived of in their previous home. Some of the volunteer duties including cleaning enclosures, filling up food dishes, taking animals for walks, and so on. You can sign up on the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary website for a time and choose the area you would like to work in. It is recommended to sign up in advance as slots can quickly become filled up. You can even take certain cats, dogs, and rabbits on an outing or sleepover.

You could also adopt from the Sanctuary as many of the animals are looking for forever homes. If you can’t adopt, you can still help by volunteering as I mentioned before, fostering, donate, or by sponsoring an animal.

Try a different kind of vacation where instead of sipping Mai tais on a beach, you are helping animals learn to trust and love again in the backdrop of the beautiful angel Canyon.It would be a one of kind experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

How to Get there

McCarran International Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas in the closest major airport to the Sanctuary . The drive takes about four hours.

The Sanctuary is close to Zion National park(1 hour away).

Hours: Welcome center is open from 8am to 5pm every day except christmas