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I am the one wearing glasses .

When I was a child, I loved animals to the point where I would make my own books by printing off hundreds of pages of information about different species from the internet. Luckily, my grandparents were kind and let me used an astronomical amount of ink for my hobby. My family was encouraging despite me spewing animals facts at them daily like Tommy gun. My aunt even told me that I should host a travel show where I go around the world teaching people about wildlife and that I should call it…….Going Batty with Matty. That childhood dream is what inspired me to write a blog about not only animals but places where people can see these wonderful creatures up close in a way that helps conservation and local communities. My blog is a marriage of two of my passions, international cultures, and animals. I currently live in Japan so many of the posts are related to Japan. My current goal is to make more content about places with strong connections to wildlife in different countries. I also would like to make a map and database of these places so users can easily search for them based on location or a certain animal species.



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My hobbies are eating Matt`s slippers, stomping my feet at 3 am and posing like rose in the Titanic.