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Photo of Ezo Momonga by Tokumi
This is a blog that celebrates the wild and the unusual in Japan and beyond . Readers can learn about culturally significant places where they can see wildlife as well as places that are wonderfully different from the run of the mills tourist attractions


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I am the one wearing glasses .

I have a B.A in Asian Studies and a B.A in International Studies and I have a Masters degree in East Asian studies. I have been living in Japan for about three years. I like traveling, animals, history, and the supernatural. So I decided to write about the things that I enjoy and hopefully others can find the information interesting and useful. I am currently working as an English teacher in Okayama,Japan. I often travel in the Chugoku area of Japan and can recommend some great spots in the often overlooked region.



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My hobbies are eating Matt`s slippers, stomping my feet at 3 am and posing like rose in the Titanic.

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The Only Horseshoe Crab Museum in the World!

In Kasaoka city in Okayama prefecture, you can visit the only Horseshoe Crab Museum in the world! Go way off the typical tourist map and see a strange and one of a kind museum devoted to an animal that could only get a prize in a beauty contest if it was playing a game of Monopoly.


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