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This is a blog that celebrates the wild and the weird in Japan and beyond . Readers can learn about culturally significant places where they can see wildlife as well as places that are wonderfully unusual.


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I am the one wearing glasses .

I have a B.A in Asian Studies and a B.A in International Studies and I have a Masters degree in East Asian studies. I have been living in Japan for about three years. I like traveling, animals, history, and the supernatural. So I decided to write about the things that I enjoy and hopefully others can find the information interesting and useful. I am currently working as an English teacher in Okayama,Japan. I often travel in the Chugoku area of Japan and can recommend some great spots in the often overlooked region.



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My hobbies are eating Matt`s slippers, stomping my feet at 3 am and posing like rose in the Titanic.

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Hey Hey Hey it`s the Snow Monkeys

Today, I will talk about Kamba Falls and its resident monkey population in Maniwa city, Okayama. There are a few places in Japan famous for Japanese Macaques but I chose Kamba falls because it is less intrusive and more sustainable than other spots. It is also not well known to foreign tourists yet so it is not overcrowded like Arashiyama (famous for its bamboo forest and troop of monkeys)or Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park(this a park where monkeys bath in hot springs). There are about 160 monkeys in Kamba falls that can be often seen hanging around the walkway to the waterfall. They come down from the mountains in search of food. The monkeys are not stressed or aggressive as the park is not usually overcrowded and visitors are forbidden to feed them

Takachiho,Miyazaki-Meeting Place of the Gods

Takachiho is a must for those interested in Japanese mythology. The story of the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu shutting herself in cave and causing the world to go dark takes place here.There is also a beautiful gorge , a unique form of traditional dance that takes all night, and you can visit some places that were featured in the myth. I even got to meet a god here.

Children’s Day and Koi

Children’s Day and Koi From April 29th to early May, there are several public holidays in Japan, this is called Golden Week. Many businesses, as well as public schools, are closed during this time. It is a popular time for workers to take off work and travel. However, traveling is discouraged this year and people…

Big in Japan Pt 1:Food

In Japan, you can find many American chains and foods but you soon will find that they are different from what you normally expect. If you visit Japan, you can eat a bucket of KFC for Christmas , grab a Cherry blossum flavored Frappuccino at a Starbucks in a 100 year old building, and enjoy a nice snack of Wasabi KitKats. I will talk about these things and much more in my post.


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